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Over 300,000 turns of tourists to Xuyen Moc district

Mr.Nguyen Phuoc Loi, Director of Management Board of tourism areas of Xuyen Moc district said that, in April 2014, the district welcomed and served over 76,000 turns of tourists, up total number of tourists to the district in the 4 first months to 311,327 turns, rose 37% over the same period; in which, foreign tourists were 36,691 turns. Total revenue from tourism reached VND 351 billion increased 2.5 times over the same period 2013.

Mr.Loi said, the number of tourists increased sharply due to tourism establishments upgrade their quality with diversified services, customers have high spending. In which, some new resorts which be recognized from 3-5star standard in the end of 2013, such as: Carmelina beach resort (4star), The Grand-HoTram Strip (5star), Huong Phong- Ho Coc (3star), Ven Ven Hotel (2 Star)…


via: trangdangtin.com

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